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Posted By Aboriginal Work Portal on 10/21/2020

Discover Indigenous Employment Services & Programs in Alberta

Discover Indigenous Employment Services & Programs in Alberta

Across Alberta, there are many resources and organizations that are available to help support you to reach your employment and training goals. Obviously, there are more services available in larger city centres, such as Calgary and Edmonton, but you may be able to get support online or over the phone through these organizations. Here is a list of organizations in Alberta that provide Indigenous Employment and Training services and programs. Read below for a brief summary of their services, but if you want to learn more, we suggest you visit their website or contact them directly.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, send us an email at admin@aboriginalworkportal.ca and we will try to help out.

For all First Nations, Métis and Inuit Individuals, we recommend that you first contact your Community Administration Office to learn about their services, programs and supports for Employment and Training as they may be able to help direct you to the best supports right away. If you are unsure of who to contact in your Community, refer to this Guide of Indigenous Organizations and services in Alberta for contact information.

The Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program is provided in various Communities across Alberta that provide employment and training services. Here is a list of the current program providers:

Aboriginal Futures provides education, training and employment services to Indigenous people who live in Calgary or within the surrounding area. They provide programming to enhance employment skills and create self-sufficiency and independence through access to career or employment counselling, programs and/or services. Follow Aboriginal Futures on Facebook to stay up to date with them.

Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society has their main office in Edmonton and offers a range of Employment programs for Indigenous people, including Journey to Success, Transition to Success and Working Warriors. They also have a drop-in Resource Centre and opportunities to work and volunteer with them.

The City of Calgary has Indigenous Employment Resources and also has a Youth Employment Centre that offers employment services for youth ages 15-24 that can be accessed in-person or remotely. Their resources provides information for both Indigenous job seekers and Employers looking to hire Indigenous people.

Oteenow Employment and Training Society is located in Edmonton. Here you will find a variety of services that will help with your employment goals. They offer services in Career Decisions Making, Researching, Job Searching and programs focused on Training and Skills Enhancement and Employee Maintenance. Visit their website or reach them by phone at 780-444-0911 to learn more.

Prospect offers services for both job seekers and Employers and have multiple offices in Alberta, including Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Strathmore and Edmonton. Prospect aims to help people who face barriers to employment, and they strive to work with everyone who is willing and able to work to help them find a fulfilling job. Follow Prospect on facebook to see what they are up to next.

Rupertsland Institute: Métis Centre of Excellence provides Employment Services, Education Financial Support and Training programs and have offices in various regions across Alberta.

Saamis Aboriginal Employment & Training Association provides services for both Employers and Job Seekers with offices in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. Some of their ongoing Employment services include Employment Partnership, Youth Summer Employment, Entrepreneurial Development, Employment Supports, Disability Assistance and Group Training.

Trade Winds to Success provides services to all Indigenous Albertans with main offices in both Calgary and Edmonton. They offer several programs for individuals living in Calgary and Edmonton and also for individuals living in their Community. Check out their website to discover the opportunities with Trade Winds to Success.

Women Building Futures (WBF) has its headquarters and Training Centre in Edmonton. At WBF, their team provides supports to Indigenous women and Communities to raise awareness of opportunities for women in the trades and transportation industry. WBF can  help you connect with one of their Success Coach’s and introduce you to their great Sessions and Workshops.

It may also be helpful to ask about other Indigenous services and programs to see what is available. Many organizations and companies offer various services and supports, but they may not have those details shared on their websites.

If you are an organization that provides Indigenous Employment services and programs and you would like to be added to this list, please send us an email with information about your organization to admin@aboriginalworkportal.ca.

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